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Heaven's Clarity and Shifting Gears

Wow what a year 2023 was!  Not sure about you, but we experienced a lot of unexpected twists and turns this past year.  But if, in those moments of uncertainty, we can see things with God’s perspective then, as the hymn says, “the things of earth will grow strangely dim.”  We begin to focus not on our adversities, but on the One who can bring solution to our chaos. 

The biggest change for us came this past summer when I stepped down from my role as Aviation Director for Free Burma Rangers.  This decision came after much prayer and counsel from our pastors and other seasoned missionary mentors.  Our heart for the people FBR serves and our deep connection with coworkers in the ministry made this one of the most difficult decisions Sarah and I have ever made.  It is never easy to leave people and projects that you have poured your life into.  However, we are thankful that the aviation program there is still ongoing, and the fruit of our labor is evident.    

In the midst of difficult times like this, I am so thankful for Heaven’s clarity.  Every December Sarah and I pray for more of that clarity as we approach the new year.  We often ask the Lord for one word to guide us into the coming year—mostly because my brain can’t keep track of more than one word for the year!

As we prayed into this idea for 2024, I felt the word for the year was “SHIFT”.  At first, I didn’t like this word since it seemed pretty obvious that our family was in the middle of a huge transition.  It seemed too cliché.  But as we prayed into this word, we felt that it wasn’t just a shift in our family’s location or ministry focus.  It is also shifting gears—down shifting in some areas to refocus and gain traction, shifting up to a higher gear in other areas to go faster and farther.

Multiple ministries and friends have confirmed this word and spoken something similar over our lives.  We look forward to what comes out of this time of shifting and transition!

We are asking you to join us in prayer for what this means for our family and for missions in Alaska.  There is a huge need here in the Last Frontier and we want to focus in on the specific work that our family is being called to.  Would you join us in prayer as we seek Heaven’s clarity?

Thank you all for your continued support and prayers as we shift gears in 2024.

Our Love and Thanks,

Zack and Sarah

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