Free Burma Rangers

Spring 2016- Present


We made our first trip to Thailand with Free Burma Rangers (FBR) in March 2017 to begin setting up FBR's aviation program.

I work as FBR's Aviation Director and Sarah is the Volunteer Coordinator for the organization.

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We are extremely blessed to be a part of such an amazing group of people at Free Burma Rangers.

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Kingdom Air Corps

July 2015- October 2019


We spent the last 5 summer seasons training missionary pilots in the mountains of Alaska.  


Students come from all over the world to train at King Ranch.  As they work on their airplane ratings and certificates, they gain experience in types of aircraft they will use in the mission field.  

Zack and Kittikoon
King Ranch, Runway 06
Ground School
Maintenance Training
King Mountain
Cessna 172 Engine Inspection
King Ranch Strip
russia plane kostya
Fairbanks Intl Airport
King Ranch